Project Maya – The 2002 MDD

Project Maya – The 2002 MDD

Project Maya, named so by my son when I asked him what a fun codename would be, is the restoration, rebuilding and upgrading of a 2002 Power Mac G4 Mirrored Drive Doors. This is the first generation so doesn’t have FireWire 800.  I wanted a 2002 model specifically because it is the last model to boot Mac OS 9 natively. Sure the FW800 can boot Mac OS 9 by running a modified version and it works well, I wanted the machine that officially supported it however.

When my birthday came around this year (2018) I found the model I had been looking for. Having to pay shipping only, this was worth it so I placed my order. The machine was untested and provided pictures were of such low quality that I had no idea what shape the enclosure was in. It made the startup chime (POST) but that’s all I knew. Still, I ordered it. A birthday gift to myself.

I have a lot of plans for this machine so I will cover each modification and upgrade in their own posts, making this post the “index” that links to them all. As with other projects this one will take some time so it may not wrap up until several years from now, who knows 🙂 Let’s start the journey.

1. I found an MDD.
2. The first upgrades.
3. Installing new CPU’s.
4. Doing something stupid.
5. Upgrading the graphics card.
6. Upgrading the graphics card again.
7. Full body transplant.
8. Further tweaking the cooling – Part 1
9. Pimping out the power supply (planned)
10. Modding the case (planned)

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