Power Mac G4 MDD Power Supply capacitor list (Samsung 360W)

Power Mac G4 MDD Power Supply capacitor list (Samsung 360W)

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This project is a work in progress but I thought I’d share what I have so far. I finally set out to map the capacitors in an MDD PSU so that we can see about recapping it. Currently on my desk is a Samsung PSCF401601B(C) Rev: A & Rev: B 360W power supply. This came from a FW800 MDD and is a revised model, Apple shipped the first MDD’s with a 400W power supply that ran hot and was super noisy. A cooler running and quieter power supply was made available by Apple and the 360W is it. The information on this page is for the Samsung model, there is an AC/Bel model as well that I have yet to get my hands on.

This PSU has the main board and two daughter boards with 21 capacitors total.

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Here is the full list of capacitors, their values, measurements (Ø=diameter, H=height) and links to good replacements.
Diameter and height measurements have a 10% tolerance.

Main board:
C213 – 2200uF 10V – Ø=10mm, H=24.5mm
C214 – 2200uF 10V – Ø=10mm, H=24.5mm
C210 – 2200uF 10V – Ø=10mm, H=24.5mm
C205 – 2200uF 16V – Ø=10mm, H=30mm
C209 – 2200uF 10V – Ø=10mm, H=24.5mm
C204 – 2200uF 16V – Ø=10mm, H=30mm
C207 – 470uF 16V – Ø=8mm, H=13mm
C251 – 2200uF 10V – Ø=10mm, H=24.5mm
C223 – 470uF 35V – Ø=10mm, H=20.6mm
C222 – 1000uF 35V – Ø=12.7mm, H=25mm
C208 – 100uF 16V – Ø6.5mm, H=11.5mm
C236 – 10uF 50V – Ø=5.2mm, H=11.5mm
C141 – 47uF 25V – Ø=5.2mm, H=11.3mm
C135 – 56uF 35V – Ø=6.5mm, H=11.6mm
C137 – 56uF 35V – Ø=6.5mm, H=11.6mm
C363 – 100uF 16V – Ø=6.5mm, H=11.6mm

Daughtercard 1:
C241 – 2.2uF 50V  – Ø=5.2mm, H=11.5mm
C364 – 22uF 50V – Ø=5.2mm, H=11.5mm
C365 – 22uF 50V – Ø=5.2mm, H=11.5mm
C375 – The pads are there but C375 is unused.

Daughtercard 2:
C130 – 10uF 50V – Ø=5.2mm, H=11.5mm
C129 – 22uF 50V – Ø=5.2mm, H=11.5mm
C118 – The pads are there but C118 is unused.

This leaves us with the following shopping list:
5x 2200uf 10V (667-EEU-FS1A222)
2x 2200uf 16V (667-EEU-FS1C222L)
1x 470uf 16V (80-ESW477M016AG4AA)
1x 470uf 35V (647-UHW1V471MPD)
1x 1000uf 35V (667-EEU-FS1V102LB)
2x 100uf 16V (710-870235373001)
2x 10uf 50V (647-ULD1H100MDD1TD)
1x 47uf 25V (140-RJA470M1VTA-0511)
2x 56uf 35V (647-UHE1V560MED)
1x 2.2uf 50V (647-ULD1H2R2MDD1TD)
3x 22uf 50V (647-ULD1H220MDD1TD)
The links all point to capacitors that are the right spec, size and (where possible) rated for 10K hours so they should last a while. If you prefer to shop elsewhere or want to look for better alternatives, the list above should give you everything you need to find them.

Using the above links, the total for just the caps we need is $12.48 + $7.99 shipping. $20.47 to have all the parts needed to hopefully fix your dead PSU, not bad!
So, did the recap work? Well, that’s where the ‘work in progress’ comes in, I haven’t recapped my PSU yet. I just placed the order for the caps so I will know next week 🙂 Once I finish the project, I’ll update this post so check back soon!

UPDATE: Replaced all capacitors in my Rev A and it was a partial success. The power works but only for a few seconds. When the graphics card is removed the PSU works great and the system chimes. Put the GPU back in and it only spins for a few seconds. Gotta figure out what power rail the GPU gets it’s juice from to see if I can narrow this down to some component that is not a capacitor.

4 thoughts on “Power Mac G4 MDD Power Supply capacitor list (Samsung 360W)

  1. Awesome Jay!
    I’ve got my beloved old Dual G5 (watercooled) PowerMac stuffed away somewhere deep downstairs because at some point it wouldn’t turn on again.
    I always suspected the PSU and now I have this brilliant post as a reference. Assuming the PSU in that Dual G5 PowerMac is a 614-0224. I hope to find the time soon to check it! If so, I’ll report back! Thanks for all your cool articles here!

  2. Thanks for posting this! I just picked up a G4 MDD with a dead PSU, the fuse is blown and the big cap looks swollen. I plan to try recapping it, but want to double check if this list is for Rev A or Rev B, or is it the same for both. Also, I didn’t find any further updates (yet, still reading through your posts) whether you were able to get your PSU working, or did you replace it with a regular ATX w/ adapter? Any details would be a appreciated.

  3. Hello Jay,
    I’m in a bit of a similar problem, I’ve got the exact same PSU and I’ve replaced some of the caps (except those on the daughterboards and a few ones that I couldn’t easily access, especially those hiding under the MOSFET heatsinks), and I’m not really sure if I bridged some points or not. I forgot to take a good picture before I started recapping.

    I would like to know, do you have a picture of your unit’s PCB (solder side) that I can check against mine?


    1. Sorry all my machines are in storage at the moment and I won’t be getting to them any time soon. I suggest asking on the Low End Mac facebook group, with a lot of active PPC users there you might get some results fast. Good luck!

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