Donor Only Content

Donor Only Content

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Hello friend,

You were attempting to access content that is only available to recurring donors.
If you are a recurring donor, login with your account and try to access the content again.
If you are not a donor, why not become one? Come on, what can I do to get you on board?
Here are a few of the things donations will be used for/enable:

  • You’ll support a great cause; me!
    I am constantly improving my content. To get better content out I need a microphone that’s better than the one built in to my phone. I need better light then the overhead 60W bulb can crank out. I need food for my cats so they leave me the h#&@ alone while I’m filming. But there is more than just this blog, I make videos too which you can view here and I also put considerable time and effort into the upkeep of
    There’s a lot that goes into the content I create and your donation will help keep that content coming.
  • New and exclusive content on this very blog!
    Such as the content you were attempting to access when you ended up here instead. It could be an article, it could be a video, it could be both or something else entirely. Mysterious isn’t it?
  • I’m sure there will be other perks down the road that I have not thought of yet. Once I do think of them, donors will be the first to know!

Aren’t you even a little bit curious? Ah well, I’ve done what I can to entice you 🙂
If you decide not to become a donor, there is still plenty of content on this blog and the other above-mentioned sources you can access.

I hope you enjoy, leave comments and feedback, subscribe, spread the word and who knows… even become a donor in the future!

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