5245726 – Early 2014 13″ MacBook Air 1.7GHz i7

5245726 – Early 2014 13″ MacBook Air 1.7GHz i7

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Fully tested and passed all tests from ASD and TTP.
All ports were manually tested and found working.

CPU: 1.7GHz i7
Boost: 3.3GHz
SSD: 256GB
Battery: 1 cycle, 93% health
OS: macOS 10.13 High Sierra pre-loaded.
If you want another OS version installed just let me know.

Supports: AirDrop, Handoff, Power Nap, Unlock with Apple Watch
Wi-Fi: 802.11ac
Bluetooth: 4.0

Any wear or marks are shown in the photos and do not affect functionality of the machine.
Note the scuffs by the right side ports and the two small bright spots in the LCD, visible above the trashcan in the photo.

Price: $275 + Shipping with USPS
$30 discount for recurring donors
Shipping within the US only

Due to too many fraud experiences, all sales are handled personally. Contact inbox@thehouseofmoth.com if you’re interested.